About Tanja Brandon

Born in Hilversum, Netherlands in 1971, daughter of the violinist and composer Nico Brandon, learned to play the violin and viola as a child. But a strong interest in building led her to become an apprentice at a violinmaking shop in the Netherlands. After two years working in this shop she went to the “Newark school of violin making” in the U.K. and completed her study with a distinction, the highest possible degree. After working for various makers she established her own violinshop in 1996. Tanja’s violins have been bought by players at every level in the profession, members of orchestras, stringquartets, session players and students at music colleges. Her instruments are played in- and outside Europe.

Classical, strong and individual

Violins made by Tanja Brandon possess a tonal capacity of real power for the modern concert hall. Acoustically excellent, with a fresh full and yet warm tone. Necessary to communicate with a large audience. Instruments made by Tanja Brandon are made by order. Special wishes are to be negotiated. Violins, violas and cellos can also be made in baroque or classical set up.

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